Good Mattress = True Love

My girlfriend and I just moved in together. We were really tired of the mattresses we had while we were students in college and in our first apartments. Lumpy, too soft, too hard, too small, too short, sinking, sloping – there was always some sort of problem. Part of the reason we decided to move in together, besides our undying love, was the possibility of buying a brand new mattress, one that fit our exact space specifications and on which we could sleep without disturbance or discomfort.We began searching for mattress discounters New York for platform beds on sale. I mean, just because we’re moving in together, doesn’t mean we can spend an arm and a leg on a mattress. Part of the reason my darling love of my life loves me anyway is because of my thriftiness.Anyway, we finally found and decided on a king size bed. They had platform beds on sale which were just what we were looking for and now we sleep like babies. Small, red-cheeked, drooling babies as we hold each other in our arms, breathing in each other’s heat. That’s what being in love is all about right? I’m so grateful for mattress discounters New York. Now our love has a place to rest comfortably.

Futons or Sofa Beds?

I’m finally moving into a bigger place and am pretty excited to get some new furniture. Oh, and I should clarify. By bigger, I mean I’m moving from a studio into a one bedroom. But hey, that is a huge step forward in my book. Now I can sleep, cook, and watch TV in separate rooms. Oh, the luxury!

Well being that space is still limited, and so is my budget, I went online to my favorite mattress discounters New York, and browsed their selection. The platform beds on sale were a great start for bedroom furniture. I loved the idea of being able to store stuff under the bed. But for the living room I was torn between futons and sofa beds. To me they were essentially the same thing, with futons being a little cheaper. I always have friends visiting the city, so it was essential that I had a fold-out bed.

I decided to go with a sofa bed. I couldn’t resist NY Mattress’ sleek, stylish designs and since I was moving up in the world to my 1 bedroom, I would splurge a little. I really made the right choice! No one can even tell that my sofa bed folds out, and when it’s in normal couch position it looks so neat and refined.

The Origin of Memory Foam

There is no more exciting story in the world of mattresses than the story of memory foam.

In the early 1970’s the NASA’s Ames Research Center was given a grant to research and develop a substance that could alleviate the impact of powerful G-forces on astronauts when taking off to space.  They researchers firmly believed (mattress pun!) that the key to reducing the impact of these gravitational forces was to use foam that conformed to the astronauts shape. Originally, they tossed the idea of a foam mold that was custom fit to the astronauts sitting positions, but threw the idea out when they realized that if the astronauts shifted from this position, they mold would prove ineffective.

Instead, they created memory foam. Originally, it was made from visco-elastic polyurethane. The visco-elastic properties made it dense and able to mold to the users body when heated.  
Sadly, it was never adopted by the NASA space program. Instead it was used in the medical field for bed-ridden patients. Eventually, it made its way into mattress discounters New York, and into bedrooms everywhere.
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Furniture Ideas for Studio Apartments

Studio apartments aren’t exactly known for their roominess. Often times, singles opt to live in studios to save on rent but get flustered with the amount of space they’re confined to. This can be especially problematic if the occupant is used to living in a more spacious environment. Sure a studio can make even the most laid-back individual feel claustrophobic, but with the right d├ęcor solutions you can make it work.

The obvious solution to comfortable studio living is to live minimally. Get rid of a lot of excess furniture like end tables, lamps, and book shelves. Anything that will make the room feel cluttered isn’t welcome. Your room should really be centered around the bed. After all, it’s the most important place in the room! A sofa bed or futon from your local mattress discounters New York could be a great solution  if you’re concerned about being able to have guests over comfortably.

Another great solution for studio living is to buying platform beds on sale. Platform beds provide optimal storage, and have great slimmed down, modern designs. You can often set up the platform bed behind a curtain or Chinese screen to give the illusion of room separation.

Choose Your Sheets Wisely

After shopping for platform beds on sale and looking at all the mattress discounters New York, it’s time to think about your bed sheets.

There are many different options here, so let’s start with the most basic. Most people like cotton, because it breathes easily and is soft, on your skin, and your wallet. There are different types of cotton, and the best are Egyptian and Pima, because they are the longest cotton fibers on the market. This means that they are stronger than other 100% cotton sheets.

The yarn size dictates the fineness of the cotton. The higher, the finer. Higher thread counts use finer yarn because more can be fit into a square inch. But high thread count does not necessarily mean good sheets. This is especially the case with a lot of mass produced sheets because the quality of the fabric for example, is compensated to produce a product with a high thread count. After 300, there is not much difference. Don’t fall into the high thread count trap.

You can also choose satin, silk or flannel sheets, but while the former are great, they’re expensive, and while the latter are comfy, during the summer they can be too warm. If you want nice sheets to cover one of the platform beds on sale that you decide on, go with simple cotton sheets.

The World’s Most Expensive Beds

At the millionaire fair in 2007, there appeared a revolutionary way to sleep. Forget box springs and futons, this mattress works on magnets. That’s right – it floats 40 cm above ground and can hold almost a ton of weight. The full size bed costs only $1.6 mill, and if you want a baby floating bed, it’ll set you back a cool $150k.
The other beds sit on the ground, but hover around $50 grand. The Vividus Bed is made out of the world’s finest materials in order to give you a night of sleep fit for a god. If you want silk, cashmere, flax, lamb’s wool and horse hair, this bed is for you.
The Presidential Luxury bed is $48,000 dollars, but boy is it worth it. It sleeps four adults comfortably, rotates, reclines, and moves all about.

The Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed has a built in TV and home theatre system that rises and sets upon request.
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The Mattress Spread

In the mattress world, there are many different options available for the sleepy. To begin with, there are different sizes:

Twin: the standard single bed, perfect for kids or the mattress frugal.

Full: Bigger, this size mattress allows for considerably more roll room during the night.

Queen: This bed can sleep two people comfortably, or one person like a queen.

King: This, traditionally the largest bed on the market, is ideal for couples or large men who like to toss and turn when they sleep.

California King: The largest of all beds, unless you move into the custom mattress world, this bad boy allows large people to sleep comfortably, or smaller people to float out to sea.

And different kinds:

Memory Foam: These beds are form fitting, which can reduce tossing and turning and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

Futons: Are ideal for day/night conversion from sofa into bed. Futons don’t necessarily sacrifice comfort for convenience; they are large and spreadable.

Platform beds on sale: don’t require a box spring and are a viable option for the cash conscious. Platform beds on sale are also great if you want to be able to store things underneath your bed.

That about runs the gamut for mattress discounters New York. Now you should have a better idea of what you’re looking for.